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VIDEO: Podcast DX: Crohns illness, trauma, attachment, and resiliency

Today, I am a guest on PodcastDX. An overview of autoimmune illness and Crohn's disease is offered and I share my own story living with Crohn's disease and childhood trauma. I point out why trauma and stress are significant to healing and offer clinical perspectives rooted in social work and psychology. I also share some of my favorite healing resources. The PodcastDx team is not only nice and personable, but they are dedicated to bringing this information to you. No wonder they have an award winning podcast! 

PodcastDX ( is an interview based podcast series in a "peer-to-peer supportive format." PodcastDX give tips and support for common healthcare conditions. PodcastDX understands that their listeners share the same challenges, navigating the complex medical world. They hope to make it easier for those with a new diagnosis or a long term struggle with illness.

****Check out their excellent resource page accompanying each episode. They have put together a wealth of information including user friendly links along with professional and personal recommendations from their guests*