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Animal Advocate

casey yochebelCasey chose Pawso, a rescue cat, as the main character for the book, I Am Pawso, because Pawso represents the importance of animal advocacy. Like many rescue cats, he passed through the county system and UC Davis Orphan Kitten Project before he was placed in a foster home. His foster home nourished him to health and helped him gain essential social skills so that he was ready for his furrever home. Pawso uses his platform to educate about mental health, animal rescue, spay/neuter, and adopting not “shopping” for pets. Casey and Pawso collaborate with Fieldhaven Feline Center to bring social media content to the public that educates and brings stories to life about cats in need of homes. Casey fosters cats/kittens whenever possible.

Casey has written extensively on the intersection between animal welfare, mental health, and their governing systems. Her published articles and interviews with leading animal rescue experts give voice to vulnerable animals, overworked animal rescue advocates, crowded shelters, and resource poor communities. She writes grants to bring funds into underserved communities with animal overpopulations and little to no veterinary care. As a social worker she offers consultation to county agencies and nonprofits helping strengthen communication and resource building efforts.

The animal-human bond and how this bond aids in healing illness and trauma is one of Casey’s passions. Drawing from her training as a psychotherapist, she applies attachment theory to help understand why this bond is so profound. Children often form secure attachments to their animal companions because these creatures are safe, unconditionally loving, present, and nonjudgmental. This solid bond lays a foundation for emotional intelligence, increased immunity, and stability in adulthood. Adults consistently gain resilience from their animal companion bond throughout their lifespan. An only child living in a small rural mountainous community, Casey turned to her cat companions for parenting, friendship, fun, and safety. She rescued dumped cats by her home and relieved the overwhelmed animal shelter by helping to spay/neuter, rehabilitate, and relocate cats to thriving environments. At one time she and her mom cared for 13 cats! She credits her resilience and survival despite her traumatic early years to the secure bond she had with her cat friends.

casey yochebelSenior cats are often overlooked in shelters. Casey has written extensively about the joys of living with senior cats and cat lifestyle in general. Her articles cover topics ranging from hospice care and how to use holistic and integrative approaches to create individualized treatment plans for your cat companion.


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