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Latin Ballroom Dancer

casey yochebel"There are many aspects to my identity, but if I had to describe the single most important intervention that has transformed my health, self-esteem, relationships, and quality of life, I would say it is International Latin Ballroom Dance." --Casey Hersch

The Power of Ballroom Dance: Meet Yourself for the First Time

Casey credits her discovery and passion for ballroom dance as saving her life more than once. Before ballroom dance, Casey's early years of trauma prevented her from forming real connections with other humans. She had "trust issues." Out of her body and always in her head, she was so disconnected from her body senses that she missed vital signals. She needed a "map" of her body in order to heal and she needed body awareness in order to know what kinds of help she needed. Ballroom dance helped her learn how to identify triggers to her stress response, pain, and flares. The first step is identifying our reactions, then it is much easier to create plans and find solutions. 

"Ballroom dance taught me to like myself. It's hard to heal when you don't like who you are or the body that you live in."  
Casey Hersch

Ballroom Dance Provides Mind and Body Benefits:

  • casey dance 2 800wCasey Hersch and Bumchin Tegshjargal (US National Amateur Latin Finalist; 3x US Youth and Under-21 Champion. Photo by: Timothy Wilkinson)Promotes Self-confidence 
  • Nurtures Positive self-image (dance mirrors challenge self-perception)
  • Body sensing through touch and connection in the dancing partnership
  • Mindfulness through muscle engagement and breath
  • Emotional expression: Allowing feelings to release into movement 
  • Alleviates Stress 
  • Increases Empowerment 
  • Fosters Body Positivity
  • Embraces Sexuality 
  • Relies on Authenticity: It's ok to show others who I am
  • Creates joy and happiness
  • Enhances healing from chronic illness and trauma
  • Increases immunity and decreases inflammation: When we dance, our cells dance, too!

"I build my life around assets available to me.  These strengths are the core of my existence and ultimately the critical ingredients to my healing."

Casey Hersch