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VIDEO: Light Your Sparkle's approach to autoimmune illnesses

Written by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW

Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., interviews Casey Hersch, LCSW--founder of  Dr Hobbs is an herbalist, author, botanist, mycologist & research scientist.  Together they explore many topics at the heart of illness and healing.  Casey Hersch shares her experiences with childhood illness, Crohn's disease, and how she copes with a disease process while embracing a quality life.

Topics covered include:

The origins of Light Your
Overcoming labels associated with diagnoses
History of childhood illness
Coping with the mystery of autoimmune illness
Navigating the medical system
Be empowered over illness--NOT a victim of illness
Transforming fear into hope
Living with Crohn's disease
Holistic approaches to healing
The healing wheel-emotional, physical, and passion
The importance of an open-mind
Resiliency: how to build it
Mind, body, spirit and healing
Tips for people with autoimmune
The influence of mental health on illness
Stress and Diet
Self esteem and confidence
How to create an integrative health team for your needs

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