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VIDEO: Karen Drucker--releasing stress and fear through music

Several years ago a dear social worker colleague gave me a small box. In the midst of my busy life, I placed the box on my dresser and forgot about it. It is very unusual for me to leave a present unopened. In fact, I cannot recall a time in my life where I didn't enthusiastically tear open a present. I love presents. Who doesn't? But this small gift must have needed to wait for me until the right time and right place. I stumbled upon the unopened package when I was going through a very tough time physically and emotionally. Revealing its contents, I discovered a cd by a local musician, Karen Drucker. Her music is now a resource for my mind and body--a way I can recalibrate and calm my nervous system after stress. 

Below is one of my favorite songs. Please play and sing along with it. You cannot help but hold on to the very important words of affirmation, I relax, let go, release, and surrender---All is well. This catchy tune will stay with you no matter how hard you might try to resist. Frankly, I would rather have these words going through my head than my stressful anxious thoughts (what ifs). What a great way to replace anxiety--with words of affirmation! If you love it, check out her CD Songs of the Spirit III, one of my favorites, available on amazon*

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  If you want to hear more of Karen Drucker's Music, I highly recommend this cd---

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