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VIDEO: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum talks about autoimmune illnesses and chronic pain

Written by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW

Dr. Teitelbaum discusses autoimmune illnesses with Light Your Sparkle:

I had the privilege to interview Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, world renowned integrative physician, author, and expert on autoimmune illnesses and chronic pain.  I have followed his work for many years, using it to support my own struggles with autoimmune illness and I learned so much from our time together.  Following our interview, I began implementing some of his recommendations.  He stressed the importance of using him and other physicians as a "guide" rather than a boss and to choose treatments that "feel right" based on the educated information received.  


Topics covered include:

The autoimmune illness epidemic
Factors overwhelming the immune system
The psyche and how perceptions drive the immune system
Empowerment--how to make decisions for your health
Crohn's disease
Nambudripad's allergy elimination technique (NAET)
Fibromyalgia overview and treatment
Mind-body connection
Food allergies
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Navigating information in the media and internet
SHINE protocol
Resetting the autonomic system
Emotions and illness
Stress and the immune system
Treating chronic pain
Nutrition and supplementation

About Dr. Teitelbaum:

Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., is one of the most frequently quoted integrative medical authorities in the world. He is the author of the best-selling From Fatigued to Fantastic!, Pain Free, 1,2,3!, the Complete Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction, Real Cause Real Cure, The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution, Diabetes Is Optional and the popular free Smart Phone app Cures A-Z. He is the lead author of 4 studies on effective treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and a study on effective treatment of autism using NAET. Dr. Teitelbaum appears often as a guest on news and talk shows nationwide including Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah & Friends, CNN, and FoxNewsHealth.

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