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Biomagnetism's impact on my Crohn's disease

Written by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW

Physical and emotional healing combined

biomagpicLYSIt was October of 2016 when medical Biomagnetism, came into my life. As I began my journey with Biomagnetism, it quickly became a fundamental part of my 'Healing Wheel'. I am drawn to modalities that integrate both physical and emotional levels of healing. Biomagnetism, is an excellent integration of physical and emotional healing.

Discovered by Dr Isaac Goiz- Duran, MD, medical Biomagnetism helps balance and heal the mind, body, and spirit using magnets. Using negative and positive polarity in pairs of magnets, Biomagnetism detects pH imbalances of acidity and alkalinity in organs and tissues of the body. After discovering the biomagnetic pair in 1988, Dr Goiz-Duran has since identified hundreds of magnetic pairs associated with imbalances in the body including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other dysfunctions associated with toxins. When the pairs are placed on the body in a specific location associated with the imbalance, pathogens and dysfunctions are balanced and the human body will clear itself of their effects.

Biomagnetism is painless, non-invasive, and I didn't need to purchase any products or supplements. Sessions are approximately two hours and I merely laid comfortably while the therapist placed magnets on my body and asked my body questions. Most patients only need between one to three sessions; I needed more sessions than average.

After several sessions, I gradually observed the disease landscape of my body shift. Through Biomagnetism, my body identified numerous pathogens, including parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Each time I was cleared of a particular pathogen, it was one less invader my body had to contend with. Over time, it became visibly evident that my immune system was able to fight on my behalf as one of my complications of Crohn's disease, a fistula, had extended periods of inactivity. This was dramatically different, as I was used to swelling, pain, and infection in the fistula. My physicians were astonished as they couldn't locate the fistula upon visual examination. I believed I was becoming less toxic; this was a miracle for me, given the amount of years I had dealt with the fistula. The cycle of remissions and relapses, while present, had much more time between episodes.

By this time I had witnessed other modalities that addressed emotional components of illness, but nothing more vividly demonstrated, to me, the emotional-physical connection than Biomagnetism. Dr Miguel Ojeda Rios, MD studies microbioenergetics: the emotions, energy, and symbolic code of microbes. His research highlights how deep emotional conflicts and trauma cause imbalances in the body. Microbes support this information, and he found a way to deactivate the microbes which allow these deep emotional conflicts to imbalance the body and cause illness. The integration of his work with Biomagnetism was the most remarkable research I had stumbled upon thus far. I came to understand that pathogens carried their own emotion codes; this explained why I seemed to attract the same types of infections in my body. These infections were attracted to specific emotions, which coincided with my general emotional states (worry, anxiety, fear, low self-worth). The Law of Attraction grounded these concepts for me. My traumas and their frequencies became active when there was a trigger to a memory of a stressful or traumatic event. Once my traumas were triggered, pathogens who shared similar emotional codes were allowed to enter my body, and I became sick and inflamed. Emotions were the catalyst and until my emotions were healed, this process was likely to repeat itself; it was a lot to "digest" but it made sense to me on many different levels. It explained why I continued to get sick, especially following an emotional upheaval in my life; sometimes even the good emotions seemed related to relapses. It was as though any emotional event in my life that was unbalanced, either extreme excitement or anger or fear, sent me down a spiral of negative symptoms.

One particular session of Biomagnetism highlighted the emotional-physical connection and from that day forward, I was keenly attuned to how the two work together. During a dance practice, I experienced spasms in the ball of my foot; It happened rather suddenly and most would say this was normal for a dancer, but it wasn't normal for me. In the days that followed, I had severe pains in my small intestine. As the days progressed, I was curious if the pains in my foot and gut had anything to do with the fact that I had just started to write my book--sharing many personal memories and experiences. I couldn't help but notice that the more I wrote my book and started to delve into my traumatic and painful past, the worse my symptoms became. I wondered if there could be an emotional connection to the symptoms that were perhaps being triggered as I brought to the surface events in my life through writing my story. Unbeknownst to me, during this time I verbalized repeatedly, "What if I can't write this book? What if I can't do this anymore? What if I can't digest the information of my life?"

The theme of digesting the content of my life coincided with the digestion of my food as this became compromised in the days ahead. It was evident that my emotional expressions of "I cannot digest the information of my life" had translated to my physical digestive system, which was also unable to digest my food.

As the Biomagnetism therapist scanned my body with magnets, she identified that the infections I had attracted, causing me such undesirable symptoms, had an emotional component to them. I was not surprised. The pathogens were triggered by or attracted to the frequency associated with the following statement: "I Can't." She said, "Casey, can you think back to the week and if you used the words "I Can't." Initially I denied the use of such a negative word. The therapist smugly looked at me and said, "Ok Casey. The body doesn't usually lie." She was right; indeed, I had sung a symphony of "I can't" statements through the week, which I would recall later, and also be reminded of by my family.

As we delved further into my session, the Biomagnetism therapist explained to me that my body had triggered a pathogen because it had maximized its threshold of tolerance for the words and emotions associated with the statement "I can't." The next part of the treatment was truly amazing. She pulled out her manual, which identified the emotions associated with various pathogens. She opened her eyes wide, with a smile on her face and handed the book for me to read myself. It said the emotions associated with the pathogen I resonated with in the session were:

Difficult test to assimilate
Painful review of life
Assimilation of an experience in order to leave it behind.

My body keeps the score---naturally, writing a book about my life provoked some "trapped" emotions in my body which were connected to pathogens and therefore symptoms. With any health condition, chronic or otherwise, there is always a physical and emotional connection. Biomagnetism has allowed me to regain some balance in my health by addressing my whole mind, body, and spirit. No side effects, no risks, no dangers---and this technique offers a lot of hope.


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