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Biomagnetism and pet health

Written by Casey Hersch, MSW, LCSW

I discovered Biomagnetism throughout my journey with Crohn's disease and it changed my life. Because I had experienced so much healing from Biomagnetism, when Yochabel, my senior cat, was diagnosed with bladder cancer, I included Biomagnetism in our integrative treatment plan. 

yochabellightyoursparkleOverview of Biomagnetism

Discovered by Dr Isaac Goiz-Duran, MD, medical Biomagnetism helps balance and heal the mind, body, and spirit using magnets. It is a non invasive technique which uses negative and positive polarity in pairs of magnets. Biomagnetism detects pH imbalances of acidity and alkalinity in organs and tissues of the body.

After discovering the biomagnetic pair in 1988, Dr Goiz-Duran has since identified hundreds of magnetic pairs associated with imbalances in the body including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other dysfunctions associated with toxins. When the pairs are placed on the body in a specific location associated with the imbalance, pathogens and dysfunctions are balanced and the body will clear itself of their effects.

Biomagnetism and Yochabel

Yochabel had a chronic bladder infection as a result of the bladder tumor. The antibiotics, herbs, and supplements were unable to fully rid Yochabel's body of the infection. Biomagnetism proved to be very effective in helping Yochabel's immune system and improving her quality of life. It was an incredible adjunct to her regimen, and I saw after every treatment her comfort increase: She had less urination, less bleeding, and noticebly less pain. Some veterinarians have training in Biomagnetism. In Yochabel's case, she saw a licensed veterinarian for follow up care and Biomagnetism was an additional therapy which supported her medical care provided by her veterinarians. 

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