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       written By: Casey
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gambar jepang seksijepang gambar jepang seksijepang A candle to remember, may it burn ever so bright
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As we look to the heavens on this very night.

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activities for teaching plurals of nouns to grade 1 Beyond the stars, our dear Casey and Lauren soar

Embraced by their Savior on heaven’s shores.
As the angels protect them and sing their sweet names
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So we light this candle for our beautiful Casey and Lauren tonight
As a symbol of our love and their eternal life.
-Melissa A. Herberz


My dearest Casey,
Your mom asked me to do this, and it really freaked me out. This is so hard… it’s like giving birth. How do I put into words your life, and how you touched us all. I have so many memories, so many pictures in my mind, so many stories, laughter. Casey I tried to think of how you would want me to remember you, to the ones you loved so much. Do I say how much your grandma Mimi loved feeding you, touching you, you were her baby. She loved it when you stayed with her, she loved to buy you special things. Or how you loved spending time with Nana Rosy at the gym and cuddling with Gianna. Do I say I love you Nana Hilda, Carl and Natalie. Would you tell me I’ll never forget dinners with daddy at Prima pasta, Argentina and teaching me to drive a stick shift…didn’t I do good, didn’t stall out or grind gears! It was fun doing homework, playing videos, watching tv with JT and being part of the huge Schaefer clan.

And what about you guys, my friends--all the sleepovers, movies, talking on the phone, endless conversations about…guess what? IM-ing each other, being together, just hanging out, having fun.

Remember my volleyball team, Coach Johnson, Pops, “Come on Eyeore”. How hard we all worked. How our muscles ached, we couldn’t be a minute late to practice, we got so strong. We gave them excitement didn’t we? We all overcame challenges and fought so hard to win. We did it!

Casey, you know how proud we are of you. You worked so hard. Perfect attendance through all your school years, straight A’s, honor student, national honor society, tutoring the little ones and feeding the homeless. You made your mom so very proud. So dedicated in everything you put your heart and mind to. Never doing anything halfway.

How about all your mothers. We loved taking care of you when your mom was away; you were big sister and little sister to all the kids, playing games and telling stories. You blended so easily with all of our families, and the dads really appreciated, you laughing at their jokes. We loved doing your hair and makeup for you…shopping, and hearing the latest successes in your life. We loved watching you grow from a little girl to into this beautiful young woman. You are a little bit ours too. You brought us so much happiness.

You came into my life when you were a little girl, you were so beautiful and shy, adored and protected. You are the center of your mother's universe, daddy's precious little girl, the first grandchild, first everything. You had everybody's undivided attention.

When your mom and I met and became inseparable, you went from being an only child to sharing that attention with nine other kids! 10 kids between four moms. I’m sure it was a bit tough at times having so many mothers--we were always putting our 2 cents in whether you liked it or not. It wasn't just you getting your hair braided, it was a family affair, all you girls in a row doing each others hair. We did lots of stuff together. I remember the time when all the kids were riding bikes and you didn’t know how to--growing up in an apartment and spending time at the fountainblue didn't exactly give way to lots of bike riding opportunities. It was one of those days when everyone was riding in front of the house--I had been after you for weeks to try it. Your mom was sooo protective, Kathy couldn't even look…you were sooo nervous but determined. I ran after you holding the back of the seat. You telling me "don't let me go, don't let me go" but in the end it was "ok let me go".

Remember the bike trips to Markham Park, the huge trailer with all of our bikes. That was your birthday party, we barbequed and ate cake--you would only eat the cake so Alex ate your frosting. You had a blast and were sooo proud of yourself, now you were riding with the rest of the gang.

Remember pizza on the beach, building forts, boat rides and the St. Rose carnival and being scared to ride the rides--you even conquered that.

You didn't do Halloween, you didn't even like candy--I guess we finally wore you down and you indulged us, and dressed up as a fabulous witch, with green face, wart and all. We have such wonderful memories I could go on and on.

Casey, I see you in the sunshine that dances through the trees. I thought of you this morning. I saw an orchid-- a pure white bloom. I see you in everything that is beautiful around me, in the smiles of our children and our friends. We will remember you when we drink champagne and watch Dirty Dancing. We will remember your smile always and we will never forget you. You will always be close to us, we love you.

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